Bianka Brand - Human Resource Manager

Bianka gained the bulk of her HR experience during her employment at Shoprite Checkers, where she fulfilled roles as personnel admin officer and regional personnel manager. These positions, as along with her previous role as HR Manager at Shimansky, enabled her to conduct and manage the entire scope of the HR function when she joined Netafim on 1 July 2016.

She values what Netafim does for the environment as well as the values they instil in the workplace. They are innovative, daring, yet humble which, she feels will see them succeed even further in the future.

Her interests lie in the dynamics that employees bring to an organisation and how this can be used to improve organisational success. She believes that employees are the most essential element to the success of a business. Employee wellbeing, development and engagement are amongst her key interest areas, which is easily attainable through the great culture and values Netafim lives by.

Bianka feels strongly about the need to educate people about sustainable agriculture and how they can provide for themselves, families or communities and through that create jobs and healthier communities.

In line with Netafim’s shift towards the digitisation of farming with a strong focus on data analysis and providing farmers with information they didn’t necessarily have access to in the past to better equip them with decision-making on the farm.