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What is precision irrigation?

Precision irrigation is a unique sustainable agricultural approach that allows the application of water and nutrients to the plant at the right time and place and in small measured doses in order to provide it with optimal growing conditions.

From the plant to the planet - everybody wins. Here’s how precision irrigation benefits:

From the plant to the planet - everybody wins. Here’s how precision irrigation benefits:
Precision fertigation

Good Plant nutrition is a matter of efficiency

Precision irrigation is not only the best solution for the application of water, it is also the most efficient method for applying fertilizers. Fertigation enables you to deliver nutrients in measured doses, and with perfect timing to support optimal plant growth and protect your soil from leaching and groundwater contamination.


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Precision irrigation solutions

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Precision irrigation solutions

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  • Can I use precision irrigation in any shaped field?

    Precision irrigation systems are very flexible and can be easily fitted in odd-shaped fields and sloping terrains. Using pressure-compensated emitters and hydraulic valves in an optimal way can give a wide range of possibilities to achieve optimal results for irrigation and fertigation.

  • Can I use precision irrigation with any water quality?

    Understanding the irrigation water quality is essential for an optimal irrigation solution. Precision irrigation systems include different technologies of filtration and emitters with high clogging resistance that allow an optimal solution for almost all water qualities.

  • How will using precision irrigation affect my nutrition routine?

    Using precision irrigation is all about.. precision. This is especially true when applying nutrients. We call this process - “fertigation”. The optimal and precise application of soluble fertilizer can make savings in regards to fertilizers and labor and minimize leaching and waste. Having a "stand-by" system allows the farmer to deliver nutrients in the right amount at the right time and by that create optimal conditions for the crop which leads to higher yields, better quality produce, and cost savings.

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Ready to grow more with less?

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