Macadamia production is an increasingly competitive business and an excellent investment for farmers as its crops are very profitable. Precision irrigation is ideal for macadamia, as it delivers water at the same rate that the plant absorbs it, ensuring the soil moisture is always at the optimal level the tree needs. To keep up with demand while mitigating risks, you need to gain complete control over macadamia irrigation and balanced nutrition with efficient monitoring and Fertigation capabilities.

What are the challenges you face in macadamia irrigation?

What are the challenges you face in macadamia irrigation?

Share your macadamia irrigation challenges.

Why choose precision irrigation for macadamia?

  • Precise balance of water and nutrients to ensure optimum production
    Promote quicker and greater growth with the right mix of nutrients to yield better harvests and reap more profits.
  • Ride the wave of a most lucrative crop per land area
    Macadamia is high in protein and rich in healthy fats and fibers. Consumption of plant-based protein is increasing, with more and more people choosing a vegetarian or vegan way of life. It's a business you cannot afford not to be in.
  • Improve the bottom line
    Drip irrigate even in the driest climates to ensure large and high-quality harvests. And get a better ROI by getting earlier and higher yields.
  • Overcome chemical barriers
    Use drip irrigation to overcome chemical barriers and reduce fertilizers’ leach, thus contributing to a safer environment.

Things we often get asked:

  • How much water can be saved when switching to drip irrigation?

    Compared to flood irrigation, precision irrigation can save you more up to 50% of water, with subsequent savings on electricity, fertilizers and labor costs.

  • Can I use fertilizers in my drip system?

    Yes! Not only can you use them, but you also have full control over how much fertilizer you use. You can ensure next year’s high yields with precise and alternate Fertigation, which guarantees healthy crops today to boost your production capacity tomorrow.

  • Can my macadamia orchard be irrigated remotely?

    Yes. Advanced digital tools allow you to activate and manage your irrigation and macadamia nutrition from the palm of your hand, giving you remote access by mobile, tablet or computer - wherever you are. 

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