• Barb connectors

    A range of highly durable, UV-resistant barb connectors designed to prevent leaks and withstand harsh climates, chemical fertilisers and everyday mechanical disturbances.

    They’re also incredibly user-friendly, and integrate easily with a range of heavy-walled dripperlines.

    Built for: HWD of 0.9, 1.0 and 1.2mm

  • Fast ring connectors

    Fast ring connectors that are designed for ultimate security and ease of use. Their smart conic design makes them tighten when pulled so they never snap off, and you can install or disconnect them fast from the dripperine. 

    They’re well-suited to a wide range of thin (TWD) and medium-walled (MWD) dripperlines.

    Built for: TWD & MWD between 0.135mm (5.5mil) and 0.8mm (32mil)

  • Twist lock connectors

    Dependable twist lock connectors that are fastened by a nut so they stay connected. But they’re also easy to handle whenever you need to open them.

    And because they’re long they make it easy to connect both ends of a damaged subsurface dripperline in the event of a crack or burst.

    Built for: TWD & MWD between 0.1mm (4mil) and 0.8mm (32mil)

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Take a Closer Look

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