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Who We Are

Who We Are

Increased water scarcity ask that we continuously reconsider the way irrigation water is delivered to plants. Thís is why Netafim™ exists.

Netafim is the global leader in smart irrigation solutions. It has 29 subsidiaries across the globe, one of which is Netafim South Africa, housed in Kraaifontein in the Western Cape.

Netafim South Africa has been serving South Africa and its neighbouring countries with irrigation solutions and services since 1992. At the premises in Kraaifontein, we house one of only 17 Netafim manufacturing plants across the globe. Our production facility in Cape Town is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all products are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards, earning us a reputation for outstanding quality in product and service delivery.

Netafim was founded in 1965 when it introduced the concept of drip irrigation to the world. Drip irrigation allows producers to apply precise and uniform amounts of water and nutrients directly to the root zone of plants. This brings higher yields, lower water use and less dependency on weather, enabling greater control over yields.

Driven by our slogan, ‘Grow more with less™’, our focus goes beyond drip irrigation. We offer holistic irrigation solutions to growers of all shapes and sizes. The aim? To empower these growers to grow more with less.

Our offer includes a wide range of leading irrigation and complementary solutions across all crops, conditions and terrains. This includes drippers and dripperlines, micro and macro sprinklers, valves, filters, water meters, crop management technology (CMT) and ever-developing digital farming solutions.

Our Backbone

Our Backbone

Helping the world grow more with less™

As the world’s leading irrigation company we will drive mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food,
water and land.

Our values

  • Dare 
  • Make it Happen 
  • Create an Impact 
  • Partner for Success
Our People

Our People

Our people are everything to our business. They share a common bond with our growers, helping to bridge diverse geographies, languages and cultures with a commitment to growth.

Quality Policy
Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Why we’ll never drop our standards
At Netafim, commitment to quality is a core value. Starting with our employees, our uncompromising standards are applied to every facet of our business. From refining development procedures, through conducting exhaustive field tests, to optimising production techniques, we’re committed to delivering high-quality products and services.

Let’s Grow Together

We look for people who respect interpersonal values like cooperation, dedication, loyalty and support. People who feel inspired by our united mission to help the world grow more with less™.

If that sounds like you, then drop us a line or fill out this form and let’s grow together.

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Our Global Presence

There are 4,300 Netafim branches, spread across 110 countries. We have 29 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing plants worldwide.

To date, we’ve irrigated over ten million hectares of land, and produced over 150 billion drippers – for more than two million ambitious farmers.

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