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Producing greenhouse tomatoes demands big investment. It’s a game of driving high, quality yields from every square metre to meet consumer demand and maximise return on investment. For optimal conditions, you need the right structure, agro-technical solutions, tools and agronomic knowledge.

Optimal Conditions for Tomatoes

  • The science of irrigation and plant nutrition
    Producing food crops in a controlled environment, especially in soilless media, requires ultimate precision in water and nutrient application. The use of advanced non-leakage drippers combined with multi-channel nutrient dosing machines allows you to perfectly control the root zone environment and push your plants to the max.
  • Take control with smart insights from digital tools
    React immediately with insights on crops, substrates and climate. A complete command and control system will let you activate climate control, irrigation scheduling and fertiliser dosing units. 
  • A wealth of experience and agronomic know-how
    Making the right decisions while your tomatoes are growing is important. Netafim™’s renowned experts are there to guide you with an ongoing production strategy - every step of the way.
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Better greenhouse tomatoes with Netafim!

Better greenhouse tomatoes with Netafim!

Get optimal growing conditions for tomatoes.