Precision Fertigation™ that leads to super-fast ROI

Lower your fertiliser costs and get better and higher yields with our advanced Fertigation™ solutions. Watch this video and learn how you can get faster ROI.

Save Costs (and the Planet) While Optimising Your Fields

Learn what are your immediate benefits from using our industry-leading Fertigation™ solutions, backed by more than 50 years' of agronomical know-how:

  • Achieve higher yields and better crop quality
  • Save costs on labour, fertilisers, water and energy by accurate application and constant optimisation
  • React fast with timely application of nutrients and crop protection
  • Reduce leaching and avoid groundwater pollution

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Why Farmers Prefer Our Dosing Systems

  • Accurate and tough
  • Made with true irrigation knowhow
    Based on 50 years of know-how in drip irrigation
  • Easy to install and operate
    Designed with you in mind. 
  • Get exactly what you need for your field
    Covering all land and crop types, plot sizes, and applications
  • End-to-end expert guidance
    Enjoy our unmatched agronomic know-how and global service. 
  • One-Stop-Shop for all your irrigation’s needs

Netafim Dosing Units

Want to improve your bottom line?

Want to improve your bottom line?

Find out how our Fertigation™ solutions can help you!