A New Era in Digital Farming

A New Era in Digital Farming

Enjoy smarter, faster and more accurate irrigation and fertigation backed by years of agronomic expertise.

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Importance of Digital Farming

Digital farming solutions can make it possible to largely automate the actions that answer the water, nutrient, and climatic demands of a crop during all the production phases. Netafim’s digital farming solutions range from irrigation and climate controllers, dosing units, remote communication platforms and a variety of other tools that assist in highly precise irrigation and fertigation™.

Digital farming solutions have several important duties in the greenhouse or field. Nutrients can be mixed into the irrigation water at the correct ratios, Ec and pH and can be monitored and adjusted to pre-set programs, set up by the producer, a variety of plant, soil and climate sensors can be monitored, irrigation pulses can be controlled, and valves can be opened and closed as determined by the producer. This will leave the producer’s hands free to attend to other problems and planning in the production system. The system can also be set up to send warnings to relevant people if problems arise or if the system operates outside of predetermined parameters. Lastly, it can store all relevant information to make it accessible for decision-making.