Hit the target with dripline selection

Posted on 2024/07/09

If you irrigate with the wrong type of irrigation system for the circumstances, the wrong dripline for the irrigation task at hand, or use the wrong scheduling approach, can you truly harvest optimal yield, use resources with perfect efficiency and manage your crop effectively to overcome challenges? Can we hit a bull’s eye without the right tool for every job?  

Working towards sustainable growth

Michael Esmeraldo
By Michael Esmeraldo on 2024/06/13

Michael Esmeraldo, MD of Netafim SA, shares his thoughts after attending the 2024 Agbiz Congress. He shares a message of progress and positivity. He also emphasises the massive value of the work done by Agbiz.

Water Quality Concerns and Contingencies

Posted on 2024/03/22

Time spent in the field this irrigation season, has alerted the Netafim Field Team of the extremely poor and worsening quality of available irrigation water in certain areas. The greatest concerns with poor quality irrigation water are damage to the crop and soil on the one hand, and damage to the irrigation system on the other hand. In the drive towards increased use of precision irrigation, based on increasing water-scarcity and burgeoning input costs, it is important to place focus on water quality, our understanding of water quality and water quality management.

The Netafim and De Rustica Story – the best drip for the best olive oil.

Posted on 2024/02/02

Did you know that the best olive oil in the world is made from olives of trees irrigated with Netafim driplines? The best drip for the best olive oil.

Efficiency sugar’s only defence against challenging headlines

Posted on 2024/02/02

Drip irrigation has been a proven sugar cane irrigation practice for several decades. Given the harvesting practices employed in sugar cane production, subsurface drip irrigation has become the preferred method.

Tough thin wall triumphs for Klein Karoo seed farmers

Posted on 2024/01/22

At the start of 2023, Netafim South Africa delivered the first locally produced roll of the stalwart thin wall dripline, Streamline™ X. Streamline™ X is an extremely tough thin wall dripline and has been available in the market for some time. Local production however means that the dripline can now be offered at a more competitive price. This has given many Klein Karoo seed farmers the opportunity to use the dripline on their farms for the first time.

Duursame dunwand dien Klein Karoo saadboere

Posted on 2024/01/19

Netafim Suid-Afrika het aan die begin van 2023 die eerste plaaslik geproduseerde rol van die staatmaker dunwanddruplyn, Streamline™ X, gelewer. Streamline™ X is ʼn uiters duursame dunwanddruplyn en is reeds ʼn geruime tyd beskikbaar op die mark. Met die begin van plaaslike produksie kon die druplyn egter teen meer kompeterende pryse aangebied word en het dit vir verskeie Klein Karoo saadboere die geleentheid gegee om dié druplyn vir die eerste keer op hulle uie- en wortelsaadvelde in te span.

Turbulence and filtration area – do they really keep a dripper clean?

Posted on 2024/01/19

Much has been written about turbulence coefficient and effective filtration area But this is all theory. In practice, do these two features really contribute to keeping a dripper clean?

Netafim at the HVK Apple Symposium

Posted on 2023/11/23

For Netafim, the highlight of the symposium was Netafim Product Manager, Jerry Austen’s presentation on frost mitigation. He shared theory around frost occurrence and frost mitigation, and how sprinklers can be used to protect trees against this risk.

Precision brings clarity in murky waters

Posted on 2023/11/16

We need efficiency, predictability, productivity, technology, excellence, control, consistency, reliability, peace of mind and success. Luckily there is a solution that is synonymous with all of this. Precision. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Drip Irrigation

Martin Bahnemann
By Martin Bahnemann on 2023/11/14

The benefits of drip irrigation are numerous and will help you harvest a higher yield of better quality; using less water, energy, and fertiliser, saving money and lessen you and your team’s workload so you can concentrate of developing the other aspects of your business.

The Dimensions of Filter Efficiency

Dexter Neethling
By Dexter Neethling on 2023/10/17

When discussing filter efficiency, it is important to look at disc filtration as three dimensional. How do we measure a three-dimensional filtration element? The answer is dirt holding capacity (DHC). A filter’s DHC represents the number of particles (mg) retained on the filter medium during a single filtration cycle.

Fertigation – Uber Eats for your crop

Charl van Reenen
By Charl van Reenen on 2023/10/17

Fertigation is the delivery of fertilizer through irrigation. Precision fertigation is the optimal root-zone management tool delivering just the right combination of water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant, according to crop phenological cycles.

Preventative filter maintenance protects efficiency

Dexter Neethling
By Dexter Neethling on 2023/10/17

The precise application of water and nutrients through precision irrigation systems has many benefits. These benefits are however lost if systems are not installed, operated, and maintained with the necessary expertise. Maintenance of the entire system is crucial, but this article looks at filter maintenance specifically.