Netafim at the HVK Apple Symposium

Posted on 2023/11/23

For Netafim, the highlight of the symposium was Netafim Product Manager, Jerry Austen’s presentation on frost mitigation. He shared theory around frost occurrence and frost mitigation, and how sprinklers can be used to protect trees against this risk.

Precision brings clarity in murky waters

Posted on 2023/11/16

We need efficiency, predictability, productivity, technology, excellence, control, consistency, reliability, peace of mind and success. Luckily there is a solution that is synonymous with all of this. Precision. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Drip Irrigation

Martin Bahnemann
By Martin Bahnemann on 2023/11/14

The benefits of drip irrigation are numerous and will help you harvest a higher yield of better quality; using less water, energy, and fertiliser, saving money and lessen you and your team’s workload so you can concentrate of developing the other aspects of your business.

The Dimensions of Filter Efficiency

Dexter Neethling
By Dexter Neethling on 2023/10/17

When discussing filter efficiency, it is important to look at disc filtration as three dimensional. How do we measure a three-dimensional filtration element? The answer is dirt holding capacity (DHC). A filter’s DHC represents the number of particles (mg) retained on the filter medium during a single filtration cycle.

Fertigation – Uber Eats for your crop

Charl van Reenen
By Charl van Reenen on 2023/10/17

Fertigation is the delivery of fertilizer through irrigation. Precision fertigation is the optimal root-zone management tool delivering just the right combination of water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant, according to crop phenological cycles.

Preventative filter maintenance protects efficiency

Dexter Neethling
By Dexter Neethling on 2023/10/17

The precise application of water and nutrients through precision irrigation systems has many benefits. These benefits are however lost if systems are not installed, operated, and maintained with the necessary expertise. Maintenance of the entire system is crucial, but this article looks at filter maintenance specifically.

Streamline™ X struts its stuff in Southern Africa

Posted on 2023/10/16

Streamline™ X is the toughest thin wall dripline ever made - we checked. Read about it's local manufacturing, its benefits fro vegetable production, feedback from the fiel, and trial results.

Faster and thinner, but

Michael Esmeraldo
By Michael Esmeraldo on 2023/10/16

There is a global trend in agriculture towards increased thin wall dripline use and a greater focus on extensive crops. Fact is, everything is faster, and uncertainty is more. This makes it more difficult to make long term investments, such as vineyards and orchards, and shifts the focus to short-term investments, such as short-term crops, with faster ROI and makes it easier to adapt when a new challenge or trend appears.

Learn 2 Live Celebrates a Decade

Bianka Brand
By Bianka Brand on 2023/10/12

Learn 2 Live recently celebrated their 10-year journey and the successes achieved along the way. Netafim South Africa is proud to have walked with Learn 2 Live on this journey for a decade.

Efficient Farming in the Groen Karoo

Posted on 2023/09/29

Groen Karoo Besproeiing recently hosted a farmer’s day at Profcon Resort in Graaff- Reinet. This was the first event of its kind in nine years.

According to Herman Loubser, owner of Groen Karoo Besproeiing, the purpose of the day was to discuss everything that affects the type of farming practised in the region. “The focus is on everything from planning to production, specifically in our context.”

Finding balance between cost and performance in dripline selection

Posted on 2023/09/04

Dripline selection boils down to selecting the correct product for the crop and circumstances, selecting a quality product that can do the job at hand in difficult conditions and selecting the product that will offer the best return on investment on the other hand.

Quick Glance: 2023 SABI Technical Forum

Posted on 2023/08/22

The purpose of the SABI Technical Forum was to move back to SABI’s technical roots with a programme where we can all value from sharing knowledge among each other. 

CRI presents Irrigation Courses

Posted on 2023/08/14

Citrus Research International (CRI) recently presented the first in a series of irrigation courses. Netafim South Africa is proud to be the main sponsor of these events.

Netafim SA at Allesbeste Symposium

Posted on 2023/08/10

Netafim believes that the drive for mass adoption of precision irrigation must be about much more than the provision of precision irrigation solutions. We are called to share knowledge in the irrigation and wider agricultural industry. Access valuable #NetafimKnowledge below.