When you plant maize, every season is a race to higher yields. 
When you have a more precise way to control water and nutrient delivery, every season is better than the last one.

The Challenge for Maize Farmers

Having dry periods during the growing season can cause yield loss and become the difference between a profitable season or a loss. This calls for the need to apply enough water at the right time. The farmer must explore ways to control the crop’s exposure to both water and nutrients.

While traditional irrigation systems like flood and pivot give you some control, they’re also inefficient and less uniform in the way they apply water. This becomes even more evident across different soil types and these traditional irrigation methods are also not relevant to uneven topography or odd shaped fields.

How Precision Irrigation Helps

Precision irrigation puts the control in your hands by delivering water and nutrients directly to the root-zone of each plant, in tailormade combinations, according to the plants’ developmental stages. It fits onto any plot, and can be applied to all topographies, field sizes and soil types. You can maintain optimal soil moisture and nutrient levels in all conditions.

If you add digital solutions to your system, you’ll be able to monitor and optimise irrigation and Nutrigation™ in real-time throughout the growing season. Gaindata about every aspect of the field and local climate. Wherever you are, whatever the circumstances are, you can ensure consistently high yield and quality every season -and even bigger profits.

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