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Adriaan de Lange

Adriaan de Lange - Managing Director

"A good irrigation system should enable resilience on the farm to effectively deal with emerging challenges."

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Willem Smit - Sales Manager: South

“Keeping the irrigation landscape green requires some innovative thinking. The reuse of water and desalination plants will determine more potential growth, which is pivotal in securing mankind’s future.”

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Michael Esmeraldo - Sales Manager: North

MSC Soil Science

“A modern approach is also about making more efficient use of our resources. We have to use water, fertiliser and other inputs efficiently to get optimal benefit per unit of input.”

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Leon Horn - Business Development Manager

NHD Civil Engineering

“Drip irrigation gives us the opportunity to realise optimal crop production despite scarce resources. The secret is to apply the basic principles of drip irrigation, and it is our task to communicate this message to the market.”

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Chris Malan - Agronomy Manager

MSc Soil Science

“Since irrigation water will become even scarcer and more expensive, I believe in achieving the highest efficiency in water-use.”

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Gerdie de Lange - Marketing Manager

National Diploma Public Relations Management

 “The marketing team has the tools to share the Netafim experts’ knowledge and experience with our customers. I believe in the Netafim brand, and it is a privilege to share this brand with the agricultural industry.”

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Pieter Burger – Services Manager

BSc Agric

“I truly believe that wars, in future, will be fought over water. We must use water more wisely and learn to respect and value its true worth. We must learn to produce more with less and use the available technology effectively to attain this goal.”

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Pieter Burger

Edward Hill - Operational, Logistics and Customer Service Manager

“A strong and sustainable agricultural sector is important to feed our constantly growing population. With precision irrigation, we treasure our ever-diminishing water resources, without compromising the needs of future generations.”

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Joe le Roux - Production Manager

NHD Mechanical Engineering

“I believe that because we are investing in sustainable agriculture today, we will all have a better future tomorrow. We should all be working harder towards a healthy environment.”

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Scott Edwards - IT Manager

CPIM (Certified Production & Inventory Management), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer)

“Sustainable agriculture is an absolute necessity in the current world climate where food and water sources are diminishing.”

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Bianka Brand - Human Resource Manager

BCom Honours Human Resource Management

“With the ever-growing population we need to look after our resources if we want to survive. People need to eat to exist and therefore we need to be smarter and more efficient with the way we use our resources.”

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Hein van der Merwe - Finance Manager

BCompt, BCompt Hons, CTA, CA(SA), MCom (Financial & Risk Management)

“We have one planet with only so many natural resources. If we don’t start using these resources in a sustainable manner, there will be none left for future generations. Sustainable agriculture has a significant part to play in this equation.”

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