SuperNet™ LR, LRD & GS

Uniform water and nutrient distribution for every kind of orchard, no matter the topography

SuperNet™ LR, LRD & GS is a robust flow-regulated micro-sprinkler that enables orchard owners to achieve perfect crop uniformity over areas of varied topography, with minimal maintenance and risk of clogging. Choose from an extensive range to serve different tree crops and root volumes.

  • Flow regulation mechanism ensures uniform water and nutrient coverage in orchards with varied topography
  • Industry’s largest water passages and anti-insect mechanism prevents clogging and reduces maintenance costs.
SuperNet™ LR, LRD & GS

Why SuperNet™ LR, LRD & GS?

  • Unique regulation mechanism ensures even water and nutrient quantities per tree, uniform distribution and wetting diameter regardless of sprinkler's inlet pressures (within pressure range). 
  • Anti-ant mechanism prevents insect penetration into the area of the micro-sprinkler nozzle.
  • Regulated micro-sprinkler made of plastic materials resistant to all agrochemicals & weather conditions.
  • Water passage area 30% larger than in any other emitter with identical flow rate. The largest water passages on the market – resists clogging.
  • Specially designed for all types of tree crops, requiring efficient water distribution.
  • Long-term reliable service, simple, modular parts, clog resistant design.
SuperNet™ LR, LRD & GS

Specifications of SuperNet™ LR, LRD & GS

  • LR means a revolving rotor irrigating a large area.
  • LRD stream deflector concentrates all the water in the area surrounding the young tree during the initial growing period. When the tree grows, the stream deflector can be broken off, thus enabling extended irrigation diameter.
  • GS means a revolving rotor designed to provide a wetting pattern that achieves excellent distribution uniformity and full coverage.
  • LR & LRD flow rates: 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 58, 70, 90, 110 ℓ/h. 
  • GS flow rates: 90, 110 ℓ/h.
  • Maximum recommended working pressure LR & LRD : 15 - 40 m ; GS : 20 - 40 m. 
  • 2 types of upper bearing: Standard – for normal water; Everspin™ – for harsh condition
  • Inlet connector: press fit
  • The rotor is coloured purple for flow rate of 20 - 40 ℓ/h and black for flow rate of 50 - 110 ℓ/h.  
Specifications of SuperNet™ LR, LRD & GS

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