GyroNet™ Long Range

Uniform water and nutrient distribution for orchards and plantations with large root volumes

When you are irrigating orchards and plantations with large tree root volumes, you can count on GyroNet™ Long Range micro-sprinklers, to deliver high crop uniformity while keeping your operating costs nice and low.

  • Anti-insect mechanism prevents clogging to minimise repairs and maintenance
  • A revolving rotor that irrigates large areas. 


  • Irrigation
  • Frost mitigation
  • Orchards cooling
  • Orchards Humidification
  • Leaves Dust cleaning


  • Medium Pressure
  • Low Pressure

Coverage type

  • Localized

Crop type

  • Orchards

Trajectory angle

  • Medium
  • Low

Why GyroNet™ Long Range?

  • Ensures higher crop uniformity due to unique design of the sprinkler's rotor water channel.
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs by the anti-ant mechanism that preventing insect penetration into the area of the micro-sprinkler nozzle.
  • Higher reliability and longevity thanks to clog-resistance design and specialty raw material makes it resistant to all agrochemicals and weather conditions.
  • Longer life time – avoid wear with the EverSpin™ upper bearing.



Specifications of GyroNet™ Long Range

  • 4 different flow rates: 150, 200, 250, 300 ℓ/h.  Nominal flow rates at 20 m pressure.
  • Recommended working pressure: 25 m (at the sprinkler head).
  • Recommended filtration: 200 micron 
  • Inlet connection: Press fit
  • Everespin™ – for harsh conditions.
  • All rotors are coloured grey.
Specifications of GyroNet™ Long Range


GyroNet™ Long Range Product & Technical Sheet

GyroNet™ Long Range Product & Technical Sheet

Sprinklers Catalogue

Sprinklers Catalogue

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