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NMC NetaJet HF

NMC NetaJet HF

Quality High Flow Dosing Systems

Netafim’s HF (high flow) dosing system meets the most demanding modern irrigation and fertilisation needs. Netafim’s unique Hydro-mix technology, together with dosing channels that are based on precise efficient venturi injectors with no moving parts, assures reliability and system longevity. For control, the systems employ unique quick action valves developed specially for the chemical industry. Netafim offers this High Flow dosing system, allowing growers the freedom to choose the system best suited to their unique needs.

The NMC Pro irrigation controller is standard.

The NMC Pro NetaJet HF Bypass dosing unit is designed to provide accurate fertiliser and acid control with minimum expenses and intervention, and is suitable for flow rates between 60 to 400 m3/h. Each dosing channel is equipped with a visual flow meter and can deliver 300 to 1000 ℓ/h of fertiliser or acid (standard maximum 10% concentration in stock tanks). Pressure switch protection and EC/pH measurement and control are standard. Simple and reliable process control with standard pressure reducing valve at inlet of unit and pressure sustaining valve at outlet ensure stable condition for dosing. Three channels are standard with an option to add two more channels.

Important for HF systems:

The NetaJet HF has a standard minimum irrigation system pressure of 3 bar and a maximum of 5 bar. However it can be supplied has a ‘high pressure’ model, where this maximum is increased to 8 bar.

  • NMC Pro NetaJet HF HP

There is a minimum of 2 minutes irrigation run time (pulse) per irrigation valve. The hydraulic design and operation of the system will determine the minimum irrigation pulse.

Water meter pulses: Maximum 2 pulses per second. Minimum one pulse every 5 seconds if irrigation <15 minutes or minimum one pulse every 15 seconds if irrigation > 15 minutes.



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