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Netafim Venturi Injector

Netafim Venturi Injector


Netafim™ offers its self-operated chemical injector system, field-proven under all environmental conditions, with over 30 years of technological know-how and experience.


  • Electricity-free system
  • Operated by differential water pressure
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  • Broad coverage across various sized plots
  • Fast and simple operation
  • High resistance to chemicals used in agriculture


    • Suction kit
    • Integral non-return valve

 Features and capabilities

  • Available in two sizes:
    • 20mm BSP male thread
    • 50mm BSP female thread
  • Suitable for injection flow rates*:
    • 20mm Model - up to 160 litres per hour
    • 50mm Model - up to 1,1 m³/h
  • Adaptable to all irrigation systems
  • Regulated chemical injection

*Injection flow rates are dependent on the venturi's upstream to downstream pressure differential.


  • High efficiency
  • No moving parts









The injector operates on the principle of vacuum suction created by a venturi.

A venturi's shape is a gradual constriction in water passage diameter that then widens again after a throat. (See diagram above). As the water (motive flow) passes through the throat, its pressure reduces and a vacuum is created at the throat. If an external inlet for a liquid chemical is made just after the throat (chemical suction area), the chemical will be sucked into the venturi (chemical inlet). This chemical will be added to the motive flow and continue through to the irrigation system (flow direction).

The strength of the vacuum is created by the pressure differential upstream and downstream of the venturi and can be between 15-75% according to the required injection rate. One of several ways to achieve the pressure differential is by plumbing the venturi around a pipeline valve. (See diagram below).

Venturi plumbed around a valve that creates the pressure differential


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