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Integral dripper


Row Crops (very short irrigation lines)

Family Drip Systems

Nurseries and Kitchen Gardens


  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron.
  • TurboNet™ labyrinth with large water passage.
  • Welded into a 0.8 mm wall thickness dripperlines.
  • Injected dripper, very low CV.
  • UV resistant. Resistant to standard nutrients used in agricultural.
  • Microdrip drippers meet ISO 9261 Standards with production certified by the Israel Standards Institute (SII).
  • Nominal diameter: 8 mm
  • Dripper flow rate: 0.7 litres per hour at 1.2 metre pressure.
  • Dripper spacing: 0.3 metre.

Features and Benefits:

  • TurboNet™ labyrinth assures wide water passages , large deep and wide cross section improves clogging resistance.
  • Wide filtration area with improved resistance to clogging.
  • Specifically suitable when short drip line lengths are required
  • Injection molded dripper construction, ensuring uniform drippers and very low CV


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