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MegaNet ™

MegaNet ™


A relatively low pressure sprinkler with high distribution uniformity and no bridge.

Choice of two trajectories:

  • 24° trajectory (black pin): Vegetables and open field crops, germination, frost protection, cooling orchards and greenhouse roof cleaning.

  • 15° trajectory (grey pin):  Under-tree irrigation and shade / net houses.


  • 7 nozzles sizes, which at a pressure of 2.5 bar deliver the following flow rates: 
    210, 258, 362, 461, 553, 678, 785 litres per hour.
  • Recommended working pressure: 2.0 to 3.0 bar (at the sprinkler head)
  • 2 types of water trajectory:
    High - 24°
    Low - 15°
  • Inlet connector: 1/2" male threaded.
  • Colour coded locking pins and caps for easy identification.
  • 2 balanced water jets.
  • Individual filter in each sprinkler.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two equal water jets counterbalance the sprinkler, preventing it rocking.
  • The closed and compact structure provides robustness to the sprinkler and protecting mechanism parts during handling and sprinkler conveyance.
  • Anti-insect pop-up swivel.
  • Each sprinkler unit has an individual filter to assure nozzle cleanliness and simplify cleaning when needed.
  • The sprinkler is colour-coded to easy distinguish it. Cap colour denotes sprinkler flow rate, locking pin colour and turbine colour denotes trajectory angle.
  • Sprinkler's distribution uniformity, which is according to its flow rate / pressure, height and spacing, is of the highest in the market.
  • Can be installed as solid-set or on movable field stands.
  • Made of UV-protected materials, durable to all climate conditions and nutrients injected in agricultural applications. 
  • Acid resistant


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