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GyroNet™ LR & LRD

GyroNet™ LR & LRD

GyroNet™ LR & LRD

Long Range & Long Range with Deflector


Irrigation of tree plantations with large root volumes.

  • Specially designed for fruit trees, orchards, deciduous and other tree crops.
  • The higher flow rates are designed to include market gardening / vegetables, germination and pre-plant wetting.
  • Can be used in frost fighting and/or cooling irrigation systems.


The GyroNet is a non-pressure compensated micro-sprinkler.

  • LR has a purple, black or grey swivel irrigating a radius of 4.0 to 11.0 metres depending on the flow rate / nozzle pressure / nozzle height.
  • LRD stream deflector concentrates all the water in the area surrounding the young tree to a radius of about 1.5 to 2.0 metres during the initial growing period. 
  • When the tree grows, the stream deflector can be broken off and the GyroNet™ becomes a normal LR.
  • 6 nozzle sizes, which at 1.5 bar deliver the following flow rates: 
    26, 36, 52, 67, 87, 112 litres per hour.
  • For higher flow rates 4 nozzles deliver the following at 2.0 bar: 168, 220, 277, 327 litres per hour.
  • Maximum recommended working pressure: 2.5 bar.
  • Type of inlet connector: press fit.
  • The swivel is coloured purple for flows of 26 and 36 litres per hour, black for flows of 52 to 112 litres per hour and grey for flows 168 to 327 litres per hour.
  • 2 types of upper bearing: 
     - Standard - for normal water. 
     - Everspin™ - for harsh condition. (All higher flow rates over 168 litres per hour with a grey swivel use the Everspin™ bearing regardless).


Features and Benefits: 

  • Anti-ant mechanism prevents insect invasion into the area of the sprinkler's nozzle. 
  • Micro-sprinkler made of plastic materials resistant to all agrochemicals and weather conditions.
  • Long-term reliable service: 
    Simple, modular parts.


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