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GyroNet™ Jet

GyroNet™ Jet


The GyroNet™ Jet is a non-pressure compensated micro-sprinkler designed for:

  • Harsh water containing large amounts of sand that could cause excessive wear of standard rotating swivel.
  • Normal water where a restricted wetting pattern is required.


  • Specially designed for fruit trees, orchards, deciduous   and other tree crops.


  • A static emitter.
  • Irrigates a throw of 2.3 to 4.0 metres depending on the flow rate and jet pattern.
  • 4 nozzle sizes, which at 1.5 bar pressure deliver the following flow rates: 
    36, 52, 67, 87 litres per hour.
  • Maximum recommended working pressure : 2.5 bar.
  • Type of inlet connector: press fit. 
  • Upper bearing: Special type of upper bearing (square hole)  holds the rotor from spinning.
  • 5 types of static deflectors: 
     - 360° (12 jets). 
     - 300° (10 jets). 
     - 180° (6 jets).
     -   90° (4 jets). 
     - 2 x 90° (butterfly) (8 jets).
  • All 5 deflectors are coloured orange.

Features and Benefits:

  • Anti-ant mechanism prevents insect invasion into the area of the sprinkler's nozzle. 
  • Static-emitter made of plastic materials resistant to all agrochemicals and weather conditions.
  • Long-term reliable service: simple, modular parts.


Product Sheet: GyroNet™ Jet

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