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Elbow Arrow Dripper

Elbow Arrow Dripper


For greenhouses and nurseries as well as on tree crops where on-line drippers are used.


  • 2 flow rates, which at 10 m pressure are 1.6 and 2.3 litre per hour.
  • To be inserted into a 3mm x 5mm black or Greyline SSPE micro-tube.
  • Injected dripper, very low CV.
Arrow dripper Flow rate Colour Minimum pressure Maximum pressure
 1.6 litre per hour Elbow Arrow Dripper 1.6 litre per hour Light grey  5 metre  12 metre
 2.3 litre per hour Elbow Arrow Dripper 2.3 litre per hour Black  5 metre  12 metre


Features and Benefits:

  • Enables the flow rate of on-line Woodpecker drippers to be evenly and accurately split and shared between 2 and 8 arrow drippers. 
  • Allows placement of drippers exactly where necessary.
  • Allows maximum flexibility in greenhouse and nurseries (with soft PE micro- tubes).
  • Allows installation of other Netafim™ drippers to add compensated and anti-drain functionality.
  • Accessory to all on-line drippers for better and more accurate installation.
  • Adaptable to all on-line drippers via barb, manifold or adapter.


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