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DripNet PC™ in heavy walled dripperlines

For sub surface row crop irrigation.

DripNet PC™ in light walled dripperline

For sub surface row crop irrigation.


For: Short row crop irrigation Family Drip Systems Special short line applications


For row crop irrigation

Super Typhoon™

For greenhouses and row crop (short lines)


The new Aries™

The new Aries™ - creating  a new standard for clogging resistance


Tiran™ is a non-pressure compensating integral dripper for row crop and tree crop, sub-surface and surface irrigation.

UniRam™ CNL

A workhorse pressure compensated non-leakage integral dripper for open field, greenhouse, net house, soil and soilless media pulse irrigation.

UniRam™ RC

A workhorse regular pressure compensated integral dripper for open field, surface or sub-surface, row crops, tree crops, vineyards and plantations.

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