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Backflush Controllers

Backflush Controllers are manufactured for reliable and long lasting performance. They are available in several options to fit specific filtration applications. Programming is quick and simple. Standard features on each backflush controller include pressure differential switch, flush time setting and dwell time setting. Some controllers have additional features such as counters and alarm settings.
Backflush controller voltages are AC, DC latching or AC/DC. Available from 1 to 32 stations. Controllers can be ordered as separate units or installed on Netafim filter batteries.
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for backflush controller installation.
Refer to the specific filter Operation and Installation manual for further installation and connection instructions for the backflush controller.
Differential Pressure Switch
Differential Pressure Switch is used to sense the pressure differential between the inlet and the outlet of the filtration system. When the differential pressure reaches the set point the controller sends a signal to initiate the backwash cycle.


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