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ARAD WST Water Meters

ARAD WST Water Meters

The Woltman Silver Turbo – WST is a state of the art meter developed by ARAD’s R&D department. Advanced methods and technologies were implemented in order to present a product much superior to those found in the market today.


The Woltman Silver Turbo (WST) offers the following:

  • Accuracy – The WST’s accuracy curve is the widest known in the market. The minimum flow rate is 35%-58% below the ISO standard for such meters and the maximum flow rate is 150%-233% above it. The combination of these unique features allows the use of the WST in broader applications and in extreme situations. High accuracy at very low flow rate assures minimal losses of unmeasured water (R-160)
  • Wide measuring rate - possible to measure very high flow rate.
  • No sensitivity to working conditions like vibrations.
  • No sensitivity to humidity conditions (even if dry chamber is full of water).
  • The worm assebly is in a separate kit, which enables easy replacement if necessary.
  • Easy assembly process.
  • Resistance – Bearings and materials used in the WST have been proved to ensure durability far beyond the ISO Standard requirement. This feature ensures that the meter can function in extreme conditions where other meters fail to maintain a sufficient level of accuracy.Longer life expectancy than similar meters in the market.
  • Magnetic Coupling – The WST, like its predecessor, the Woltman Turbo meter - has a unique measuring  unit, in which only one moving element, the impeller, is in contact with the water. The other moving components, including the worm and transmission gear, are kept sealed inside a dry compartment  and have no contact with any of the abrasive elements present in the water.
  • WST has repelling magnets installed in the impeller and the transmitting gear, instead of the attracting magnets installed in the WT.
  • Compatibility – The WST is also available with EV (volume) outputs.
  • The WST’s measuring unit can be installed in any of the existing Arad WT models.


Water supply networks, agricultural applications and industrial use.

Available sizes

Stock -50mm, 80mm, 100mm and 150mm

On request - 200mm, 250mm and 300mm


ISO 4064, AWWA, EEC.

Technical specifications

Maximum Working Pressure

16 bar

Maximum Liquid Temperature



Cast iron, polyester coated


Flange SANS 1123 Table 1600*

*(ISO / DIN)


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