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ARAD WMR Water Meter

ARAD WMR Water Meter

The ample space around the WMR's core of the in-line helical axial turbine allows foreign matter to pass through the meter without clogging.


  • Minimum loss of head
  • High accuracy
  • Hermetically sealed register with glass lens
  • Optional electrical output: EV (volume)
  • Not sensitive to dirt
  • Can be installed in any position. (If vertical, flow must be upwards).


For main supply lines, agriculture and industry

Available size



ISO 4064, EEC

Technical Data

Connection - male thread couplers 50mm BSP
Maximum pressure 16 bar
Water temperature range 0.1 to 55°C
Electrical output (EV) 10 and 100 litre
Straight pipe requirement 10d before; 5d after


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