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A.R.I Combination Air Valves - 10 bar - Barak

A.R.I Combination Air Valves - 10 bar - Barak

The DG-10 series Barak Combination Air Valve has the features of both an air release valve and an air & vacuum valve.

The air release component is designed to automatically release small pockets of air to the atmosphere as they accumulate at peaks or along a pipeline or piping system when it is full and operating under pressure.

The air & vacuum component is designed to automatically discharge or admit large volumes of air during the filling or draining of a pipeline or piping system. This valve will open to relieve negative pressures whenever water column separation occurs.


 - Pump stations: after the pump and after the check valve.

- On main lines and heads of systems.

- At the end of lines and at the end of a sub main

- On strainers and filters.


The air & vacuum component, with the large orifice, discharges air at high flow rates during the filling of the system and admits air into the system at high flow rates during its drainage and at water column separation.

High velocity air will not blow the float shut. Water will lift the float, which seals the valve.

At any time during system operation, should internal pressure of the system fall below atmospheric pressure, air will enter the system.

The smooth discharge of air reduces pressure surges and other destructive phenomena.

The intake of air in response to negative pressure protects the system from destructive vacuum conditions and prevents damage caused by water column separation. Air entry is essential to efficiently drain the system.

The air release component releases entrapped air in pressurized systems.

Available Sizes
20mm, 25mm, 50mm
Technical Specifications
  • DG-10 operating pressure range: 0.1 – 10 bar
  • Maximum water temperature: 60 degrees Celsius




Max pressure (bar)

Connection BSPT (mm)



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