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A.R.I Check Valves - 10 bar

A.R.I Check Valves - 10 bar

The NR-010 Regev Check Valve is compatible for installation in horizontal pumps or boosters for landscape and agriculture. The check valve prevents the return flow of water to its source and provides quiet closing and total sealing of the sealing face. The check valve is designed for free flow of water without interference and with minimal head loss.


After pumps/boosters.

Foot check valve for pumping from ponds.

Filtration systems.

Fertiliser systems.

Main Features

Working pressures: Up to 10 bar.

The body of the valve is made from composite materials.

The check valve is fitted between flanges.

The check valve is supplied together with seals for flanges.

The spring assembly mechanism is outside of the flow cross-section and can be replaced without removing the valve from the line.

Maximum working temperature: 60° C.

The check valves in stock are not designed for sea water but may be modified for this application on request.

Valve Selection

The NR-10 is available in diameter sizes 80mm and 100mm.

The valve is also available for pressures of up to 16 bar, Model NR-020.


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