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A.R.I Automatic Air Release Valves - 16 bar - Segev

A.R.I Automatic Air Release Valves - 16 bar - Segev

The S-050 Segev Automatic Air Release Valve releases accumulated air from the system while it is under pressure. The presence of air in a water system can reduce the effective cross sectional flow area resulting in increased head loss and decreased flow. Unwanted air may also cause water hammer and metering inaccuracies, while hastening corrosion.

In spite of its compact and light weight structure, the S-050 Segev Automatic Air Release Valve has a 12mm² orifice that enables it to release air at high flow rates and is not exposed to obstruction by debris.


- On most types of pumps.

- After filters, pressure reducers and fertiliser injection systems.


The automatic air release valve releases entrapped air from pressurised systems.

Without air valves, pockets of accumulated and entrained air may cause the following hydraulic disturbances:

- Restriction of effective flow due to a throttling effect as would a partially closed valve. In extreme cases this will cause complete flow stoppage.

- Obstruction of efficient hydraulic transmission due to air flow disturbances.

- Accelerate cavitation damages.

- Pressure transients and surges.

- Corrosion in pipes, fittings and accessories.

- Danger of high-energy bursts of compressed air.

- Inaccuracies in flow metering.

The valve functions while the system is under pressure, according to the following stages:

1. Entrapped air, which accumulates at peaks and along the system, rises to the top of the valve, which in turn displaces the liquid in the valve’s body.

2. The float descends, unsealing the rolling seal. The automatic air release orifice opens and the accumulated air is released.

3. Liquid enters the valve and the float rises, pushing the rolling seal back to its sealing position.

Note: Automatic air release valves are designed to release air as it accumulates at peaks in pressurized systems. They are not normally recommended for vacuum protection or for discharging large volumes of air, because of their inherently small orifices. For this purpose, air & vacuum valves are recommended as they have much larger orifices.

However, automatic air release valves will permit air to enter the system under vacuum conditions. If this is not desirable such as on a pump suction, use the S-050 Segev AAR Valve One-Way-Out option.


Available sizes


Technical Specifications

  • Operating pressure range: 0.2 - 16 bar
  • Working temperature - 60°C
  • All parts are made from corrosion resistant materials




Max pressure (bar)

Connect BSPT (mm)





25 Male



 AAR One-Way-Out  16  25 Male


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