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Traffic Islands, median strips, roundabouts
These areas are often subject to physical and mechanical vandalism due to the exposed nature of conventional irrigation systems. Sub mulch dripperline systems eliminate the vandalism by irrigating discreetly, out of sight.

Large Commercial Gardens
The advantage of eliminating evaporation, wind drift and run off make dripperline irrigation for these sites the most efficient option.

When re-vegetation is required especially with hilly, sloping sites, dripperline irrigation will encourage rapid plant growth without soil erosion or run off.

School Food Gardens
More and more schools are encouraging ‘school food gardens’ with the use of water wise irrigation technologies to educate students on being sustainable.

Recycled water
Effluent water is reopening many irrigation opportunities in the landscape sector. Using dripperline irrigation with this effluent water provides the least exposure to the public and is seen as the viable solution when using this water source.

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