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As the global leader in drip irrigation since 1965, for Netafim on-the-field experience has two meanings: on-the-fields of crops - supporting farmers and on-the-fields of academia - supporting scientific researchers and lecturers.

In order to successfully conquer new frontiers in the world of drip irrigation, several parameters are required: technology, innovative irrigation research and a solid foundation of proven data.
Netafim utilizes its local and international academic relations to guarantee a better future for the world’s younger generations, offering them the opportunity to cultivate higher quality and increased yields while using less water and fertilizers.

The role of Netafim University is to share its extensive knowledge base with others. Several aspects of Netafim's expertise are acquired by collaborating with accredited universities and leading research institutes around the world. On a practical level, the knowledge is provided through the company’s line of products and complemented by Netafim University by use of documented know-how, distant learning or face-to-face seminars.

The following are examples of joint research and academic instruction conducted within the international academic world:


European Union
SAFIR Project
Crops in question: Potatoes, tomatoes
Countries where research is conducted: Denmark, Italy, Create, Serbia, China, France, Great Britain Switzerland Poland and Israel
Netafim’s role: Supply irrigation systems to fields and semi field experiments. Develop prototypes for advanced water saving irrigation technologies.
More about the project: This project is supported by the European Commission under the SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME PRIORITY 5

Germany, Munich & Weinsberg
Fraunhofer Society for the advancement of applied research
Research topic: Coating technologies for irrigation products
About the research center

Hohenheim University, Weinsberg
State Teaching and Experimental Station for Viticulture and Fruit Growing
Research topic: Future drip irrigation trends
About the university

Italy, Ora-Bolzano
Centro di Sperimentazione Agraria e Forestale Laimburg
Research topic: Future drip irrigation trends
About the center (Italian)

Netherlands, Wageningen
Wageningen University
Plant Research International (PRI)
Research topic: Rodent repelling
About the research center

Poland, Skierniewice
Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture
Department of Fruit Plant Growth and Fruiting Regulation
Research topic: Future drip irrigation trends
About the institute

Spain, Cordova & Lleida
University of Cordova
Instituto de Agricultura Sostenible (CSIC) & Departamento Agronomia
Research topic: Future drip irrigation trends
About the institute

University of Lleida
Institut de Recerca i Technologia Agroalimentares
Research topic: Future drip irrigation trends
About the institute

Ukraine, Kiev
National Agriculture University of Ukraine
Institute of Plant Growing and Soil Science
Research topic: Drip irrigation's in greenhouses
About the university


Arkansas (AR)
University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture
Crop in question: Cotton
Research topic: Evaluation of low pressure drip irrigation in Arkansas
Netafim’s role: Know-how and irrigation equipment
More about the project: Two main objectives of the project were to evaluate the growth and development of cotton grown under dryland, furrow and low pressure drip irrigation systems in Arkansas and to compare revenue and expenses associated with each system using partial budget analysis.

Missouri (MO)
University of Missouri
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Crop in question: Rice
About the college

Tennessee (TN)
The University of Tennessee, Center for Decentralized Waste water Management
Research topic: Subsurface drip distribution, Peer-reviewed guidelines for design, operation, and maintenance
Netafim’s role: Know-how and irrigation equipment (see abstract, page vii)
More about the project:
Sponsored by The Electric Power Research Institute, CA, and The Tennessee Valley Authority, TN (see appendix D, page 315)

Texas (TX)
Texas A&M University
AgriLIFE Research Center at Beaumont
Crop in question: Rice
About the research center

Texas Department of Agriculture
Crops in question: Rice, cotton
Feasibility of using sub-surface drip irrigation for rice crops and Comparison of subsurface drip irrigation uniformity designs on cotton production
Netafim’s role: Know-how and irrigation equipment
More about the rice project: Results suggest that sub-surface drip irrigation has the potential for large water savings, compared with conventionally flood-irrigated rice production.

This study was funded by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) (page 3)
More about the cotton project: Cotton yield response tended to follow the ends established by variations in emitter flow rate caused by elevation and friction losses along the tape lateral. (page 2)

Canada, Ontario
University of Toronto
Research topic: Advanced extrusion processes
About the university


Brazil, Campinas
Instituto Agronômico de Campinas
IAC is a research and development institution affiliated to the Sao Paulo Agency of Agrobusiness Technology
Crop in question: Citrus
About the institute (Portuguese)

Mexico, Chapingo
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales y Agropecuarias (INIFAP)
Crop in question: Banana
About the institute (Spanish)

Peru, Piura & Trujillo
Universidad Nacional de Piura
Faculty of Agriculture
Academic instruction: Developing practical laboratories and study programs for irrigation and farm management
About the university (Spanish)

Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (UNT)
Academic instruction: Professional lectures for accredited agricultural studies
About the university (Spanish)


In collaboration with The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)
Crops in question: Vegetables, tubers & fruit trees
Main country where research was conducted: Nigeria
Netafim’s role: Supply Family Drip Systems (FDS)
More about the project: Netafim is involved in The "African Market Garden" Project by INCRISAT to improve practices of farming communities in semi-arid countries in West Africa. A garden comprises of a mix of vegetables, tubers and fruit trees that can be grown simultaneously in the same field and nurtured with water supplied by a cost-effective, gravity-fed, drip irrigation system: A Family Drip System (FDS).
For more information: (page 8, bottom)


Republic of South Africa, Pretoria
Stellenbosch University
Department of Horticulture
Institute for Deciduous Fruit, Vines and Wine (ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij)
Crops in question: Wine grapes, stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, apricots & plums) and forage crops (plants consumed by livestock).
About the institute

Agricultural Research Organization (ARO)
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
About the organization

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU)
The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR)
About the institute

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman
National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer (NCARTT)
Crop in question: Olive
Research topic: Irrigating olive with saline water
More about the project: Among the agronomic objectives is olive irrigation with saline water
About the center

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