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The new Aries™ - A new standard for clogging resistance

04 Aug 2014

The New Arries

Irrigation has been a central feature of agriculture for over 5000 years, and formed the basis of the economy of numerous societies.  In South Africa, where water is a scarce resource, irrigation practises delivers many advantages, but also brought challenges, one of these being water quality.

Water quality can affect the physical conditions of soil and subsequent crop yields as different crops require specific irrigation water qualities. Therefore proper irrigation management is critical.

Netafim has been leading the way in drip irrigation for the past 50 years.  With the launch of the first dripper in 1965, Netafim paved the road for an irrigation solution that uses water more effectively and produces more yields.

Technology and research resulted in the launch of the Ram™ compensated dripper in 1983.  This was revolutionary and changed the way the world viewed drip irrigation.  Integral drippers and other compact compensated solutions soon followed including the Tiran™, UniRam™ and DripNet PC™

The latest addition to the Netafim product range is the Aries™ non-compensated integral dripper.  This product has upgraded the Tiran with added features and durability.

If properly managed, drip-irrigation delivers many advantages.

  • Water flow to the root zone is uniform.
  • Runoff is prevented and weeds are better controlled.
  • The less humid environment helps control pests and diseases.

However, one of the main challenges involves keeping the drip emitters free of clogging.

  • Featuring a TurbuNext™ labyrinth water passage, large filtering area and flat surface, Aries™ drippers are less prone to clogging regardless of water harshness.
  • Designed with a flat surface, Netafim's drippers enable easy entry-point alignment at the dripperline roof, and separation of sedimentation and filter at the dripperline floor in the event of incorrect alignment.
  • Built with the highest level of quality control, and the only complete dripper offering with ISO 9261 compliance, Netafim™ drippers always ensure a reliable and uniform flow rate.

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