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The Fruits of our Labours: Farming, agriculture and irrigation - what our clients say

30 Sep 2015

Farming, Agriculture and irrigation - what our clients say

At Netafim we wake up every day knowing we are contributing positively to the way the world works.  Our clients may range from a rose gardener in the Cape to the vast sugar cane fields of Natal – but from small to large, we know we are saving greenery, food production and that most precious of commodities, water.  What gives us great satisfaction is seeing farmers benefit from our innovative systems – saving costs and time, and producing better crops to meet the demands of a burgeoning population.  Nothing motivates us more than heartfelt recommendations like these:      

ZZ2  – Tomatoes, Avocados, Mangoes and Onions

Tommy van Zyl:  “ZZ2 is a family business – a successful group of companies with 13 generations of experience in the agricultural industry.  We connected with Netafim around 1991 and now have 3,800 hectares of fruit and vegetables under irrigation with farms from Limpopo to Ceres in the Western Cape.  We have developed a very good relationship with Netafim right from the early days.  They have provided us with very good support.  Their products are reliable and orders are executed timeously.  They are an exemplary supplier.”

Bertus Venter:  “We focus on harnessing natural resources and working with the natural environment.  Netafim’s drip irrigation enables us to better schedule water, using only the amount the plant needs.  We’ve seen an incline in yields from 70 to 80 tons to 100 to 120 tons.  We are able to manage plant nutrition better and there is an improvement in both size and quality of fruit.” 

Mhuzi Estates – Sugar Cane

Charl Senekal:   “Our farm is one of the largest sugar farms in South Africa – in Africa really.  We currently have 4,000 hectares under irrigation and we’re hoping to expand to 6,000 in the next 4 years.  South Africa suffers from a scarcity of water and Netafim systems help us use 35% less water and a lot less electricity.  Drip irrigation is king – creating excellent growth with high-efficiency pumps and motors and providing extremely cost-efficient irrigation.  The future is high-tech and automation is the way to go.  Managed well, it is labour-saving, always ensuring the correct amount of water and correct pressure.  We have been able to apply insecticide and fertilizers through the drip irrigation process and the response of the plants has been unbelievable.”

Macadamia Nuts

Leon de Kock:  “I farm in the Lowveld, Mpumalanga, exporting macadamia nuts worldwide.  It’s a stimulating crop to grow and I love what I’m doing.  We currently have 80 hectares in full production with the vision of expanding to 100 hectares.  I am slowly installing Netafim’s drip irrigation systems throughout my farm.   t’s a lot more effective and allows greater control because it’s instantaneous and response times are quick.  Drip results in less water usage and less labour costs.  The fertilizer can be applied to the water directly – and then the tree has no option but to take up the nutrition through the enriched water.  Netafim’s products are well-designed, well-maintained and very good quality.”


Dietmar – Greenhouse Technology:  “We’re a mission-based organization seeking to be self-sufficient while providing support and work to 250 drug addicts from the streets.  One of our projects is growing peppers and we currently have 6 and a half hectares of greenhouses and a further 20 hectares under drip irrigation.  Netafim is a worldwide company well-known in South Africa, and they provide us with good backup support.  They have reps in KZN which makes our work easier.  Netafim provides support in every sphere, from irrigation through to the plant itself.  Even from the first planting, Netafim’s drip irrigation system shows good results.  It’s a simple system and there’s nothing to beat it.  I love my work, thrive on it.  I see it as a hobby not work – and Netafim helps me to keep it that way with their great teamwork approach.  We know we’ve joined the right team.”  

Netafim – making water work better

Water is what we do best.  Saving water means saving our planet.  That is why at Netafim we never stop listening to our clients’ needs and challenges.  It’s why we are continually developing and perfecting our technology, knowledge and innovative solutions.  We service the most important members in our communities – our farmers – the people who work tirelessly with the vagaries of nature to produce our food.  We are proud to stand with them and support their dedication and contribution to current and future food sustainability.  

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