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  • Apple best practices

    The apple acclimatizes to most climates. The best conditions exist between laterals 35 - 50° North and South of the equator. Apples require 1,000 - 1,600 cold units (with the exception of the Ana variety, which requires very few cold units) and 120 - 180 days without frost.

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  • Olive crop based training

    Many adaptive anatomical and physiological mechanisms allow the olive crop to withstand damaged caused by drought stress reducing vegetative growth and yield performance. Olive cultivation is steadily expanding in many countries, in response to increased oil consumption. Efforts are being made towards improving the agronomic practices, aimed at increasing

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  • Lucerne in Australia

    Drip irrigation is the application of droplets of water to a particular crop through emitters which are located in a pipe, or dripperline. In the case of sub surface drip irrigation, the dripperlines are located underground, at a depth dependent on the root zone of the crop and characteristics of the soil.

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