Save Costs (and the Planet) While Optimising Your Fields

Learn what are your immediate benefits from using our industry-leading Fertigation™ solutions, backed by more than 50 years' of agronomical know-how:

  • Achieve higher yields and better crop quality
  • Save costs on labour, fertilisers, water and energy by accurate application and constant optimisation
  • React fast with timely application of nutrients and crop protection
  • Reduce leaching and avoid groundwater pollution

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Why Farmers Prefer Our Dosing Systems

  • Accurate and tough
  • Made with true irrigation knowhow
    Based on 50 years of know-how in drip irrigation
  • Easy to install and operate
    Designed with you in mind. 
  • Get exactly what you need for your field
    Covering all land and crop types, plot sizes, and applications
  • End-to-end expert guidance
    Enjoy our unmatched agronomic know-how and global service. 
  • One-Stop-Shop for all your irrigation’s needs

Super-Precise Dosing Solutions for Every Need

NetBeatTM - The All-In-One Digital Farming Solution

Powered by our super-advanced software, our dosing machines help growers close the loop. Click on the icons below to learn about digital farming solutions and how they can optimise your irrigation!

Dynamic Crop Models™

Netafim’s Dynamic Crop Models™, part of the NetBeat™ offering, is a groundbreaking decision support system for growers, rich with over 50 years of unmatched agronomic knowledge and experience.


Netafim™ is the largest Fertigation™ solutions dosing systems provider. Learn how to grow better yields and save costs by delivering the right amount of nutrients directly to the plant.


NetRTU™ give farmers fast access to data and the power to operate irrigation in real-time.


Powered by NetBeat™, NetMCU™ give farmers the power to plan their irrigation, gather data from sensors and get real-time recommendations. All, from the palm of their hand.

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Want to improve your bottom line?

Want to improve your bottom line?

Find out how our Fertigation™ solutions can help you!