Banner Learn 2 Live Celebrates a Decade

Learn 2 Live Celebrates a Decade

Learn 2 Live recently celebrated their 10-year journey and the successes achieved along the way. Netafim South Africa is proud to have walked with Learn 2 Live on this journey for a decade.

Learn2Live is a non-profit organization that aims to create a society where children and adults have proper educational opportunities, specifically focusing and investing in early childhood development and sustainable living. Netafim South Africa supports this community project financially through our social development project, and through the supply of irrigation equipment.

Attending their very special 10-year celebration, each of us received a bag with a few puzzle pieces. Excited to build our puzzles we took out the pieces, but quickly realised that each of us only has a few pieces of a much larger puzzle.

 “Learn 2 Live’s work is like a big puzzle, and we need all the pieces to build it. Everyone here is a piece of the puzzle and contributes to the larger success,” opened Arina Kitching, founding director of Learn 2 Live.

She continued telling her story. “My story is personal, but it is my only story and I have to share it.”

Arina dreamt of helping people from a very young age and therefore chose to study Psychology after school. After graduation she settle into a private practice role, but when hearing her church community speaking about its community work, felt convicted to start a community project.

“After investigating many needs in the community and where we need to focus, we decided to focus on early childhood development, knowing that a child’s first 1000 days are crucial.” The Learn 2 Live Journey was filled with ups and down, challenges, victories, miracles and more. “We have a few big miraculous events in our storyline. The events are always significant and always a surprise.”

Today, the Learn 2 Live team works in a structured team focusing on ECD centre registration and so much more. They work based on a theory of change developed by Arina and the team. Have a look at this impressive theory below.

Theory of change

Learn 2 Live actively runs 7 projects in the immediate community, focusing on everything from nutrition to mental health.

Here are their projects, project reaches and future needs:

learn 2 live projects

Most importantly, all this work is driven by eight key values. These values were developed by the Learn 2 Live team based on what they believe, what they want to achieve and what they dream of.

In short, Learn 2 Live wants to create a community that is safe and connected, where mindsets are changed, and where everyone is included and has access to quality opportunities.

This is their values:  

Learn 2 Live values

Our Values

Netafim is part of the Orbia group. Orbia is a community of companies bound together by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world. This brings us to the Netafim purpose. Our purpose is to advance life around the world by helping farmers grow more with less. Being a puzzle piece in the Learn2Live puzzle, is one of many ways in which we put action to the purpose of advancing life around the world. By support an organisation that envisions a better future for its community, we support a world with a better future. By helping people that must look after their families grow more with less through the gardens started, our motto, grow more with less, is also actioned. It is an honour to have been part of the Learn2Live journey and to continue to walk the road ahead beside them.

The morning of celebration spent with Learn 2 Live truly was a humbling experience. It was extraordinary to listen to the Learn 2 Live ladies sit on the stage and share their personal journeys as it connects to the larger Learn 2 Live story. The many instances of growth and development and how it can infect an entire team, family or community was inspiring to learn of, to say the least.

The Learn 2 Live story is a story of growth. Growing in their impact in the community, number of projects, and many other key performance indicators. But also growing in personal knowledge, habits, strength, will and much more.

Let’s conclude by watching Arina sharing the 10 life lessons she has learned during the decade of Learn 2 Live. Click here to watch.