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DripNet PC™ AS XR – a sweet solution

Drip irrigation has been widely implemented in the sugarcane growing industry, with a very high success rate. DripNet PC™ (AS) is very commonly used in sub-surface irrigation on sugarcane.

More than 17 billion DripNet PC™ drippers are successfully used across the globe. The DripNet PC™ technology is now even better, with yet another step taken by Netafim to continuously improve the field of precision irrigation.

DripNet PC™ and DripNet PC™ AS (Anti-siphon), sort out many of the challenges faced by the farmer. This includes flow and pressure variation as well as clogging due to dirt suction in sub-surface irrigation.

Farmers however continue to face yet another challenge - high occurrence of root intrusion. This is where DripNet PC™ AS XR brings out the big guns.


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No roots, no problem

DripNet PC™ AS XR incorporates embedded copper oxide in the dripper cover for extra protection against root intrusion. This a unique and cost-effective way to prevent the root from entering the dripper labyrinth, assuring perfect dripper performance for many years.

Why is this so important in sugar cane production? Jerry Austen, product manager at Netafim South Africa reminds that sugarcane is dried-off before harvest.

During this period, irrigation is ceased completely. “The roots, however, will still look for water and could find this inside the dripperline. The roots would grow into the dripper and dripperline and cause a blockage in the next season.” Enter DripNet PC™ AS XR and its eXtra Root protection.

Let’s have a look at all of the beneficial attributes offered by DripNet PC™ AS XR:

  1. Drippers are welded into the wall of thin wall or medium wall dripperlines.
  2. Drippers are pressure compensated to ensure uniform water delivery on any topography and crop row length.
  3. Can irrigate longer laterals. This means that fewer sub mains are required, reducing installation costs.
  4. An anti-siphon mechanism prevents contaminants from being drawn into the dripper.
    This is a requirement in sub-surface irrigation.
  5. The dripper design allows continuous flushing of debris, throughout operation, not just at the beginning or end of a cycle.
  6. A self-flushing system with wide filtration area improves the dripper’s resistance to clogging. This reduces filtration requirements when using low quality water.
  7. Incorporates TurboNet™ labyrinth technology. This assures wide water passages with a large, deep and wide cross section that improves clogging resistance. The water is drawn into the dripper from the stream centre, preventing the entrance of sediments into the drippers.
  8. Offers seven different flow rates that suitable to any condition or application.
  9. Resistant to standard nutrients in agriculture.
  10. Finally, root intrusion is completely prevented by utilising the patented root inhibitor solution.

Affordable performance

One of the major advantages of the DripNet PC™ range is that it maintains the optimal balance between drip irrigation performance and your budgetary restrictions. It will allow you to stick to your budget, without losing out on reliability or crop uniformity.


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