Banner CRI presents Irrigation Courses

CRI presents Irrigation Courses

Netafim believes in the massive value of both industry cooperation and knowledge sharing as agriculture strives towards continuously increasing efficiency in the irrigation industry.

Last week saw Citrus Research International (CRI) present the first in a series of irrigation courses. Netafim South Africa is proud to be the main sponsor of these events. “We have partnered with Netafim South Africa and Metos SA to share important irrigation knowledge through these courses. “It happens in the industry that between all the terminologies and tools, industry role-players may get side-tracked and crop management becomes over complicated. With this irrigation scheduling course, we want to go back to basics, to build a strong foundation of knowledge,” said Coenraad Fraenkel, extension manager at CRI.

The course focuses on important industry standards, theoretical concepts for irrigation scheduling, in-field data collection and theoretical calculations.Check out the video below with highlights from the course.

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