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Drip irrigation: The water saving wonder that grows more with less

Posted on 2020/04/20

The most astounding discovery with regards to water and plant growth, must be the fact that plants don’t need the massive volume of water we have been pouring over them for decades, centuries. A regular, small amount of water delivered directly to the root zone, is often all it takes.

Understanding the features that determine dripper success

Posted on 2020/04/15

When technical dripper data is shared, we are confronted by terms that describe certain engineering features, namely K (A); X (B); KD; K (Turbulence coefficient) and Filtration area. These features determine how well a dripper does its job. Understanding them enables us to compare how different drippers do the same job. In the first in a series of webinars to cover this topic, Jerry Austen, product manager at Netafim South Africa, recently focussed on K (Turbulence coefficient).

Selecting the correct filter for the job

Posted on 2020/03/30

With precision irrigation systems, such as drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation, the risk of emitter clogging increases as emitters are smaller. It becomes increasingly important to make the correct choices in filter selection.

Drip Irrigation: The importance of top-class, well-designed valves

Posted on 2019/12/12

Valves are crucial to control pressure, flow and distribution under different conditions to optimise performance, facilitate management, and reduce maintenance requirements.