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Creating optimal conditions in the greenhouse

Posted on 2020/09/08

When you develop a new greenhouse system a host of questions must be answered, and a team of experts must be involved in the process. Fact is, these intricacies become less complicated if we pool expertise from all the relevant fields. It is not only important that the producer involves experts in the process, but that the several experts involved are in sync and share data and knowledge. 

Blueberries: Specialised Irrigation for a Specialised Crop

Posted on 2020/07/15

Blueberries are a very special crop. In Africa, it is successfully produced outside its original growing area, in areas that it may not be fully adapted to. Almost all blueberries are produced in controlled environments, such as greenhouses. If it is produced outside, the irrigation and fertilizer application must be controlled precisely. This is made necessary by the physical and physiological characteristics of the plant.