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Environmental Sustainability

Although life cannot exist without water, it is water that is this planet's most rapidly depleting resource. Luckily, water is what Netafim knows and does best. An integral part of our commitment to sustainability is full engagement in the battle for a better environment, particularly emphasizing those areas in which we at Netafim can make the most significant difference.

That is why we are signatories CEO Water Mandate of the UN and remain advocates of a balanced CO2 equilibrium in industrialized agricultural projects, seeing to it that, in our design and planning of projects, ecological concerns are always and truly taken into account.

Humanity needs to feed itself but cannot always grow enough food to go round. Netafim's obligation to global citizenship expresses itself in far more than theory. Relying on our developed technology, we help to create conditions of feasibility and sustainability that, literally, make the desert bloom. And wherever man has carved into the planet, leaving it scarred and depleted, we can help mend and heal the ravaged landscape.

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