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Netafim SADC


Netafim SADC offers sustainable solutions for development

17 Feb 2015

Reliable access to adequate food is a fundamental requirement for sustainability.

Southern African Development Community (SADC) Member States face challenges ranging from scarcity or unpredictable changes in food availability due to factors such as weather and climate, labour-intensive or dated agricultural methods.  They seek to improve the lives of their people by removing the serious obstacle of inadequate access to food, as a healthy, well-fed population will be better equipped to build a better future.

The SADC addresses these Agriculture and Food Security issues within the Southern African region of which crop production makes up one of the 5 key areas.

Drip irrigation solutions at Agritech Expo

An exciting development for Netafim SA is that they have expanded their service and product offering to Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

One of their very first engagements will be an exhibit at the Agritech Expo in conjunction with their agents in Zambia, Amiran.  The expo will be taking place from 16-18 April in Chisamba, Zambia and is organised by Spintelligent, a leading Cape Town-based trade exhibition and conference organiser, and the African office of Clarion Events Ltd, based in the UK.

Dr Evelyn Nguleka, President of the Zambia National Farmers Union, explains: “We would like to strengthen and continue to make Zambia relevant in the region in as far as agriculture is concerned.  Zambia is surrounded by eight neighbours who are a potential market for agricultural produce.  Our vision is that, when the region thinks of food, it should think Zambia.”

Growing more with less

Continuously expanding and improving their leading smart drip and micro-irrigation offering, Netafim builds on 50 years of pioneering innovation and field-proven success in agricultural irrigation worldwide.

The expo will see from large scale, commercial farmers to emerging and small scale farmers visit the GART centre.  Netafim SADC’s demo plot will include the demonstration of drip products such as the Drip Kits and the Netafim Family Drip System.

Small scale or emerging farmers using traditional irrigation methods on family plots are met with fundamental challenges in their effort to raise yields and improve crop quality.  The key obstacles they are routinely confronted with include uneven distribution of water and nutrients, wasted water due to run off and evaporation as well as intensive labour requirements.

The FDS™ (Family Drip System) is an all-embracing gravity-based drip irrigation system utilising Netafim’s low volume drip-irrigation technology. 

FDS™ maximizes productivity through the use of current and existing resources, thus eliminating the need for additional investments in infrastructure.

Netafim has pledged their commitment to achieving realistic, long lasting and sustainable results and sees the agricultural challenges the SADC countries are facing as their own.  Their well-trained teams will focus on partnering with the farmers to evaluate and implement the best systems suited for the needs of particular crops and they will stick around to monitor its success. 

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