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Drip Irrigation: The real power in Africa

24 Apr 2015

We’ve all at some stage or another, wanted to do something to improve the world, to make a difference. Many of us do it in all sorts of ways like volunteering, donating to charity, or just looking after a neighbour in difficulty. But for a number of people that isn’t enough. We’d like to do more. We’d really, really like to change the world. 

So when you come across something that is doing just that, you have to stop, awestruck and fascinated.   

A simple observation made by Israeli engineer, Simcha Blass, has led to revolutionary change in agriculture – a change that has provided millions of people with greater benefits from a scarce resource and increased food security in poorly-served populations.   

At the recent Zambia Agritech 2015 show, drip irrigation proved a hit, drawing thousands of visitors, as well as such illustrious guests as the Minister of Agriculture and the Zambian President, to see the various displays of drip equipment in the form of kits or stock equipment. The Netafim Amiran stand was rated as highly professional and described as the highlight and main attraction of the show. The Zambian President was keenly interested in the Netafim offerings and was invited to launch their new small drip system, the “Lima Kit”, to an enthusiastic crowd.  

At Netafim SA we have always been committed to achieving realistic, long-lasting and sustainable results for our customers, and particularly enjoy helping those in Africa. We view each challenge through the eyes of our clients, and work to understand their realities, their goals and dreams. Combining global agronomic expertise with field-present guidance, we form a unique, imperative partnership of a few working with many, to grow more for less.  

SADC Drip Irrigation

Want to hear more about how Simcha changed the world? 

Here’s what happened:

 In the early 1930s, a farmer drew Simcha’s attention to the fact that a big tree, one among many others, seemed to be flourishing without water. Simcha dug below the surface and discovered that a water leak was causing drops to fall, forming a small wet area on the surface but below the surface, creating an expanding onion-shaped area of underground water that reached the roots of this particular tree. The fact that continual tiny drops could so beneficially affect the growth of a large tree was astounding to Simcha, and the concept of drip irrigation was born. 

Simcha Blass created an irrigation device that used friction and water pressure loss to leak drops of water at regular intervals into the soil. A way to grow anything, anywhere, was suddenly available, cost-efficient and simple. Food could be grown in the driest of places. Farms were no longer limited to suitably arable land, but could be established even in the desert. 

The potential of the drip system:  

The conservation of water and cost-efficiency, together with the prevention of evaporation, run-off wastage, and intensive labour costs make drip irrigation attractive across all areas of agriculture – and no less so in Africa. 

The Family Drip system is an all-embracing, gravity-based system using the Netafim low-volume drip irrigation method which can be adapted to current and existing resources, creating invaluable new opportunities for small farmers in underdeveloped countries such as in Africa. 

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