PCJ Online

When the fruits, vegetables, or plants in your greenhouses or nurseries demand nothing less than 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution, PCJ self-cleaning drippers are the best choice to guarantee top performance for your precious investments.

Expected Product Lifespan

  • 10 years and more


  • Hilly Topography
  • Flat Topography

Dripper Type

  • Online

Pressure Compensation

  • PC

Dripper special features

  • Anti Drain (CNL)


  • On surface

Crop type

  • Orchards
  • Protected crops

Why PCJ Online?

  • Consistently uniform yields: Precision delivery of water and nutrients over a broad pressure range, assures excellent crop uniformity and consistently high yields.
  • Clogging resistance: Continuous self-flushing technology ensures consistent flow rates and flawless operation.
  • Easy-to-scale: Number of drippers can be easily increased, ensuring sufficient water to meet your plants' growth-rate requirements.
  • Maximum flexibility: Micro-tubes allow drippers to be positioned exactly where required, and split into several drip outlets if needed.
  • Anti-drain mechanism (in LCNL & HCNL models): Eliminates drainage and refill effect, and improves efficiency during pulse irrigation.

What PCJ Online Model Suits Your Needs Best?



PCJ Product & technical Sheet

PCJ Product & technical Sheet

Dripperlines & Drippers Catalogue

Dripperlines & Drippers Catalogue

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk about what your crop needs.

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