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Flexible Pipes FlexNet™

Flexible Pipes FlexNet™



  • For use in agricultural, horticultural and other portable water application systems


  • Reduced labour through simple and fast installation and retrieval that is achieved due to the product weight, pre-ordered welded outlets at a spacing that match farmer needs, and specially-designed dripperline connectors that require no glue or Teflon.
  • Reduced weeding and muddy spots thanks to a perfect sealing between the patented outlets and the pipe that are guaranteed to provide top performance over multiple years.
  • Dripperline remain in the same position throughout the entire season due to avoidance of snaking phenomenon that is prevalent with other sub-main pipes in the market.
  • Product longevity is achieved through unique weaving that provides both strength and light weight and thus allow numerous layouts and retrievals. White colored for high thermal resistance, high chemical resistance and UV resistance.
  • Full suite of auxiliary products that ensure simplicity, connectivity, and maintenance that guarantees product's extended performance.


  • Compatible with ISO 16438 standard.
  • Available diameters: 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12"
  • Maximum working pressure: According to pipe diameter. Equal pressure rating for blank pipe and built in integral connectors pipe.
  • Coil length: 50 or 100 meter.
  • Can be used as a main blank pipe or as a sub - main distribution pipe with built in integral connectors.
  • Robust and durable reinforced Polypropylene weaves.
  • White colored for high solar resistance, high chemical resistance and UV stabilization.
  • The pipe and the built in integral connectors are made of 100% Polypropylene, totally recyclable material.
  • Full line of branching connectors & dripperline fittings, and longitude connectors.
  • Black stripe for easy identification.

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