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Irrigation of all vegetable types or row crops.


  • Working pressure range: 0.2 to 2.0 bar.
  • System head control must be installed in the highest point of the irrigated field.
  • The system is designed for installation in fields with maximum 2% slope.
  • The system includes all components required for field installation and operation.
  • The system can be operated by water pressure using a pump or by gravity (over 0.2 bar).
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 1 600m² with 0.8m dripperline spacing
    • 3 200m² with 1.6m dripperline spacing
    • 4 000m² with 0.8m and 1.6m dripperline spacing
    • 9 600m² with 0.8m and 1.6m dripperline spacing

Features and benefits

  • All products/ parts needed for installation and operation are included.
  • Easy to use, assemble and operate.
  • Precise and water efficient application directly to the root zone.
  • Durable drippers for several seasons’ performance.
  • Dripperlines wall thickness allows multi-seasonal use (layout and retrieval).


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