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Arkal Spin Klin® Jasper Batteries

Arkal Spin Klin® Jasper Batteries
Spin Klin® Jasper Filter Batteries are fully automatic disc filters with 100mm diameter polypropylene manifolds resistant to rust and corrosion from chemicals and weather. These filters utilize proven depth filtration technology optimizing irrigation and saving water. Available in several configurations with flow ranges from 10 to 48 m3/h and tested. Minimal maintenance is required due to reliable backflushing.
Surface water containing in algae and other organic materials and other water sources such as reservoirs, canals, rivers and waste water applications.
Ground water containing light sand and other containments
  • Less maintenance is required as the molded spine is chemical resistant
  • Optimising irrigation and saving water
  • Capable of handling a wide operational flow range
  • Automatic filtration for low flow rates
  • Corrosion free plastic components
  • Highly durable filter element
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Simple and reliable operation


50mm Spin-Klin Jasper Battery PP manifold


Maximum flow rate (m³/h) Backflush flow rate per spine (m³/h) Backflush delta pressure (bar)

SK Compact (red discs 130 μm)

12 10 2.8

SK Compact (black discs 100 μm)

9 12 3.5

SK Jasper PP 2 (red discs 130 μm)

24 10 2.8

SK Jasper PP 2 (black discs 100 μm)

18 12 3.5

SK Jasper PP 3 (red discs 130 μm)

36 10 2.8

SK Jasper PP 3 (black discs 100 μm)

27 12 3.5

SK Jasper PP 4 (red discs 130 μm)

48 10 2.8

SK Jasper PP 4 (black discs 100 μm)

36 12 3.5



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