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Row Crop Irrigation: Streamline Series for Seasonal Growers

08 Jun 2015

Streamline Thinwall Dripline is the perfect choice for seasonal row crop growers planting short to medium-sized runs.  It works well on vegetables, including in particular, strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes.

There is a relationship between soil texture (clay, silt or sand) and the width and depth of soil to be wetted for maximum growth effect. Technically, water distributes in soil horizontally via capillary action, and vertically by gravitation. The soil type (sandy in the Cape for instance) and the root depth of the crop will determine both the irrigation depth and the lateral distribution as well. 

Streamline TM

Streamline’s notable features 

  • Can be used for both surface or subsurface installation in practically any soil type.
  • Available with variable dripper spacing which allows growers to customize their systems based on application rates and wetting patterns.
  • Also available in numerous wall thicknesses that can weather various environmental conditions. 


  • Seamless construction is stronger and more durable than any comparable drip tape.
  • Fortifies against splitting or bursting under high pressures required for proper flushing.
  • Flap outlet protection impedes soil ingestion and root intrusion.
  • Low filtration requirement – 100 mesh.
  • Driplines packaged with more meters per reel, the industry’s longest, requiring fewer fittings and less time changing reels during installation.
  • Lines are UV resistant and resistant to standard nutrients used in agriculture
  • More meters per container is a huge cost benefit for importers.


The TurboNet labyrinth is a unique, patented flow path with the following features:

Increased Flow Path Velocity: Improves dripper performance by widening the tooth pattern, maximizing flow path velocity, allowing debris to pass easily through the dripper, virtually eliminating plugging.

Larger Filter Inlets: Secondary filtration – reduces clogging, maintains the essential supply of water to the dripper for constant delivery of water flow.

Industry’s Widest Flow Path: Wider cross-section allows large particles through short-flow path.

Advanced Flap Technology: Systematically opens and closes during start-up and shut-down, providing uninterrupted flow while open, and preventing soil ingestion and root intrusion when closed.

Injection Molded Drippers: Made of high quality polyethylene material and welded into a wall of seamless tubing prevents damage during installation and distortion of the dripper flow path even as tubing stretches and expands. 

The purpose of an efficient irrigation system is to ensure maximum use of water to benefit the plant, supporting healthy and effective root development. Water and life are forever intertwined – so using such a valuable commodity to produce life-giving food means taking care of every life-giving drop of water. No matter what crop you’re nurturing, you can’t do better than investigate all of Netafim’s drip irrigation systems. 

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