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Power to the farmer: Help the world grow more with less

04 Jul 2014

Our promise is as simple as it is ambitious. We enable our clients to grow more with less.

As South African farmers we all know that our climate is one of the things we cannot control when trying to predict a crop yield.  Too little or too much rain, heat or humidity will all influence results and ultimately profits.


Netafim has pledged their commitment to achieving realistic, long- lasting and sustainable results and sees the challenges of their clients as their own.  Their well-trained teams focus on partnering with you, the farmer to evaluate and implement the best system for the needs and those of your particular crop and stick around to monitor its success.  

Sustainable resources

Effective, correct irrigation is generally linked with WUE (Water Use Efficiency). It entails optimal water management with the aim of boosting agricultural productivity and improving food quality. High economic return on a water unit is generally the main parameter for commercial evaluation. The efficient use of water is the prime challenge in worldwide farming practices where problems of water shortages or collection and delivery of water are widespread.

Profitability to the Farmer

Netafim provides a wide range of precision control, monitoring and support products - for improved crop management.

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it.  Here are some real life testimonies of companies that have tried and tested the Netafim

The following interviews with Managing Director, Allister McFarlane of Lebombo Cape, and Chris Geyer from Lankgelê, both situated in Wellington, bear testimony to the effectiveness of not only the greenhouse irrigation solution but also their latest Netafim Crop Management Technology (CMT).

Lebombo Cape, Wellington, South Africa

Netafim 2 
Featured:  Mark Hill (CMT Product Manager Netafim), Charles Cherry from Cherry Irrigation,
Allister McFarlane  (MD of Lebombo)

The Lebombo group approached Vegtech (Netafim SA’s greenhouse arm) to design a greenhouse for a new tomato crop development near Wellington.

Vegtech supplied a 6.4m Tropic greenhouse featuring several agronomical benefits and the  crop was grown with a complete Netafim greenhouse irrigation solution. So far, excellent results have been achieved growing tomatoes, and further expansion is being planned.

Tomato plants spanning half a hectare,  9271 plants in total, is estimated to yield between 165-185 tons of tomatoes per hectare in future with a return on investment in 4-5 years.   Watch the video.

Netafim 3

Domar Boerdery (situated on Lankgelê Wine Farm, near Wellington)

In a similar setting, Vegtech designed and constructed a new vegetable greenhouse for Domar Boerdery. The crop is grown in Pelemix coir growbags on Mapal drainage gutters with spacers. The complete Netafim greenhouse irrigation solution was designed and installed, including drain water collection and UV treatment. The integration of these systems is managed by Netafim's latest Crop Management Technology (CMT).

Netafim 4

Says Chris:  “We chose Netafim because of the climate control factor.  We live in an area where we experience extreme heat which influences crop yield significantly.  The lack of sunlight in winter also influences the colour of our crops”. 

The difference in yield for them is significant.  The same product outside yielded 35 tons per hectare but inside with climate control, yielded 76 tons on half a hectare.

Netafim 5

Netafim 6

Why Netafim?

In both cases the farmers testified to the following benefits:

  • Quality products
  • Back-up and support
  • Training of staff
  • Recordkeeping  (CMT system)

And the best news is that you can now manage the crop remotely by applying climate control or fertilisation with the push of a button!

The Netafim Crop Management System allows you to store historical data on your PC and build up valuable statistics for future planning and the system even sends you an SMS when anything goes wrong, all contributing to better profits in a shorter period of time. 

Why don’t you contact us today for a solution to grow more with less?

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