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Pico-Gro - Growing more with less

18 Dec 2014

 Growing more with less

When walking down the fresh foods aisle of a local Woollies, I am always mesmerised by the tiny micro herbs so bright and beautifully tucked away between the other fruit and vegetables.  Once arranged on a summer salad, it certainly fulfils its purpose as feast to the senses, amazing to look at, yet also nutritious and intensely flavoursome to eat.

With words like meticulous, attention to detail and handpicked coming to mind, it speaks of gourmet quality and reveals that no ordinary supplier could have been involved in growing and supplying these culinary delights.

Netafim is therefore very proud of its association with Erika Oberholzer and Pico-Gro Micro Herb Farming Enterprises, a longstanding client of 18 years.

Pico-Grow as established in 1995, specialising in cut flowers and essential oils.  Several years of successful farming and an award for 'Female Farmer of the year in Gauteng' later, Erika started researching farming trends, horticulture and culinary herbs.  Through minute little greens, lettuces and herbs, hand harvested when they are only two and a half centimetres tall, Pico-Gro embarked on the micro herbs journey and the rest as they say, is history.

Says Erika:  “I have always maintained a positive and constructive relationship with Netafim and they have been my irrigation partner since our inception.  Their technical advice is always available when I need it and they have greatly assisted me to ensure that I know what the next step or system should be in the process.”

Partners towards perfection

Partners towards perfection

From climate control and drippers to computerised irrigation control, Netafim strives to ease the complexity of Pico-Gro’s production processes that need to ensure herbs are kept free from any fungal diseases.  Due to the minimum air circulation in the densely packed seedlings, the correct amount of irrigation and irrigation times as well as maintaining a pure, clean environment for the herbs to grow is essential.

According to their website production never stops with workers busy seven days a week, sowing the seeds, washing and refilling the trays, cutting the micro herbs by hand to ensure only the finest quality product is sent to the packing area.

Her story serves as an inspirational one for many, since she managed to create employment for over 50 people through an economically viable, as well environmentally sustainable business, changing and enriching many lives in the process.

Netafim is proud of its association with Pico-Gro, proving how you can grow more with less.

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