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Netafim Flatnetâ„¢

07 Aug 2014

Netafim Flatnet

A farmer’s daily challenges are usually complex. Since there are so many factors beyond their control, one would expect that the reliability of equipment should be one thing not causing further concern.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right components for irrigation. These include:

  • crop
  • initial cost
  • labour requirements
  • size and shape of field
  • water source

When talking to crop producing farmers around South Africa,  the challenges of time and labour costs to move pipes between various applications, particularly in vegetable farming, is increasingly eating into profits.

The need to rest the soil requires that irrigation systems in vegetable farming  are moved around, which can be very labour extensive and takes time.

Flatnet is used as a transportation blank pipe or as distribution pipes with integral connectors in dripper irrigation systems or in sprinkler irrigation systems. It is suitable for surface and sub-surface irrigation and used in agricultural, horticultural, and portable water application systems.

  • Of particular importance in the harsh South African climate, is that buckling is prevented through a patent pending fibre-shaping that is robust and durable.  It is white coloured for high solar resistance, high chemical resistance, and UV resistance.  It operates at a maximum working pressure of 3.0 bar at 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Recoiling is simple and it is easily transported as it takes much less space. Even your normal farm bakkie can be utilised and it takes up minimal space when storing.

 Features and benefits

  • Light and flexible and easily moved from one installation to another
  • User friendly with a faster layout and retrieving process
  • Up to 80% lighter than other similar products
  • Flat and compact coil design
  • Reducing labour time and cost
  • The pipe is made of 100% polyethylene, totally recyclable material


Above an example of the Flatnet pipes being used on demo plots by ZZ2 on tomatoes. ZZ2 is one of the biggest producers of tomatoes in South Africa.   Netafim also has onion seed demo plots in the Karoo using the Flatnet application.

To see the Flatnet system in action, watch this informative video.

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