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Employee of the year

26 Jan 2015

Employee of the month

Every year Netafim SA nominates employees who have exceeded expectations in their positions. As Netafim SA we are fortunate to have so many dedicated and loyal staff, but the group that went far beyond the call of duty are:

Martin Ranna – Receiving & Dispatching Supervisor
He’s always willing to help and you can be sure that the task will be completed if left in his hands

Jerry Austen – TSS Manager
He is always in the office working; always have time for extra work; always achieving a set goal.

Ingrid Visagie – Accounts Assistant
“Ingrid is ‘n yster!”
The support she provides from finance is excellent. She completes any task that comes her way – always with a smile, and always without complaints. She takes initiative in tasks that fall outside her usual instructions and completes it swiftly and accurately. When she does something, you never have to check up on the progress or the results – whether it has to do with travelling, vehicles, payments or insurance. Nothing is to much to ask.
It’s always been a pleasure to work with her.

Nickie Theron – Automation Technician
Taking into account that he didn’t come from an agricultural background and didn’t train in agriculture, his everyday work consistently exceeds expectations. His knowledge of electronics, put into practice, is extraordinary. He is innovative and dedicated, portraying the right attitude without being arrogant. When he needs to arrange projects, he involves everybody around him.
He is an ambassador for Netafim.

An example of innovation: At Potsdam, the Filtron controller needed replacing (at a cost of about R130 000). A Filtron controller handles two separate types of inactive periods between individual filter backflushes: a dwell time plus a delay time. In finding a local solution, Nickie was asked to be innovative. His suggestion: taking two normal Netafim backflush controllers from the shelf, mounting them in a box, relay linking them and programming the second controller in a different way than the first; all to a cost of R20 000 - a saving of over R100 000. Although it doesn’t look as pretty and doesn’t program as pretty, it produces the same result at 15% of the original cost. This is so significant that Roy Klass suggested using this method in installations elsewhere in the world. In this instance Nickie broke ground – creating a cost saving method never done before.

Edward Appolis – Coiler Operator
He consistently improves his work performance, and is always willing to assist and willing to learn.

Thabang Matejoa – Coiler Operator
He has shows great improvement during the year and is always striving to do his best in his work and with assisting others. He is consistent in his work and always tries to improve on the neatness of the coils. He takes his position as Coiler Operator seriously and takes the new comers under his wing. By showing his willingness and helpfulness to assist, he makes the life of the shift supervisors easier. He is always friendly, and professional, and his attendance is excellent.

Ricardo Johannes – General Worker
He immediately starts work when he arrives in the morning, and is always willing to assist, whether that is inside the stores or in the yard.
He can attend to any task given and never stands still. He is always in attendance and always the same, quiet, professional employee. He takes initiative to learn new tasks before it is given to him. He’s an inspiration and example of what a Netafim employee should be.

Hugo Coetzee – Shift Supervisor
Hugo is an example to every employee at NSA.
He uses his position of influence to positively enhance the lives of everybody he works with. He motivates, leads, inspires and teaches with every opportunity he gets. He never shies away from a challenge, and is able to embrace change. He treats every employee he works with in the same professional manner, creating equality and understanding where very little existed.
He is a leader in own right, and employees look up to him.

Buks van Zyl
He’s always willing to provide assistance; never trying to break, but rather to encourage. He always finds the time to teach others, and is never afraid to learn from someone else.

Noel Hill & Adlina Kock
They’re always willing to help despite having so much of their own work to do. Their dedication translates into staying at the office into the evening when others have already left.
Without their continuous hard work, so many of us would not be able to do our jobs as easily.

Etienne Erasmus & Yvette Fourie – Management
They are both an exceptional example of what management should be, and they have inspired everybody willing to listen, to be a better person, both in-and outside of the workplace.
They always have time for everyone that steps into their offices, and never fail to try and assist, irrespective if the problem is work-or personal related.

Ingrid was such a worthy winner of the Netafim Employee of the Year Award.  She has proven herself as such an asset to her colleagues and management.  Ingrid is truly a Netafim Hero!

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